dojo/cookie is your one stop for handling client side cookies. Its usage is very simple and the following example should make it clear.


require(["dojo/cookie"], function(cookie){
   // To set a cookie
   cookie(cookieName, cookieValue, cookieProps);
   // To get a cookie
   var cookieValue = cookie(cookieName);


Set a cookie by clicking on the button, reload the page and click the "Get Cookie" button to check whether the cookie got set.

Note: cookies must be enabled for this to work ;)

require(["dojo/cookie", "dojo/dom", "dojo/on", "dojo/domReady!"],
function(cookie, dom, on){
  on(dom.byId("setCookie"), "click", function(){
    cookie("favouriteDish", "Noodles", { expires: 5 });
  on(dom.byId("getCookie"), "click", function(){
    alert("The value of the cookies is: " + cookie("favouriteDish"));
<button id="setCookie">Set Cookie</button>
<button id="getCookie">Get Cookie</button>